Nantuit is a software and IT services company where we bring best-of-breed solutions to serve the unique IT and business needs of our small, medium and large Enterprise clients using on-premise and cloud technologies. We ensure seamless, unique, cost effective and transparent IT services and support to our clients and customers. Our founding team has experience in business strategy, technology consulting, solutions integration and software development.

We understand your pain, your business priorities, workflows and market dynamics. We bring you the right technology and solution to seamlessly evolve from your current state to your desired state. We are there with you along the way, sometime leading and sometime working hand in hand. We are your trusted adviser and experienced implementer.

The senior team of Nantuit has more than 100 years of combined experience in software development, hardware configuration, custom deployment of enterprise solutions at major corporations and businesses around the world and have worked at major Fortune 100 corporations such as Booz Allen & Hamilton, Ernst & Young and technology startups in medical informatics and business intelligence.

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13 May, 2014. 06:00 PM

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