Effective Decision Making


Nantuit Strategy and Business Planning engagement is preceded by Consultant and Client communication, to understand your business priorities and challenges, and this sets the agenda for the one day engagement to identify:
a. Key business objectives and priorities as evidenced from market forces, competitive pressure, board mandate and other key stake holders,
b. List of critical challenges and short-comings that impedes achieving the key objectives, and
c. A game plan to achieve business objectives with high level timeline and priorities.
The primary focus of our strategy briefing and business consulting services is revenue generation as opposed to cost reduction.
The Business Strategy Briefing is followed up with the second phase to develop annual and multi-year business strategy, financial forecasts and to bring together a compelling set of capabilities in sales and marketing, product/service positioning and organizational construct to enable the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.
The outcome from the Business Planning engagement is to have a well thought-out business plan that can rally and drive the organization, be used for seeking outside funding and attracting key talents in the company. This engagement can last from 2-6 months depending on the depth and scope.

Optimize to deliver Effective Products


Depending on the nature of the organization, the Product and Technology Strategy engagement is focused around better assessment of organizational technical capabilities in developing technology and product, providing solutions and services and other core competencies to position them for the marketplace, to sell the technology to strategic buyers or to merge with a partner depending on the interest and aspiration of the key stakeholders. This is typically a 3 months engagement.

Tight coupling of Sales Strategy and CRM


Nantuit Sales Strategy and Execution engagement is focused primarily at developing a Sales strategy, aligning sales objectives and activities with overall strategy and revenue growth targets, focusing on potential channel partners, filling gaps in sales resources and developing an operational plan to execute the sales plan. This is typically a 3 months engagement followed by operational support if needed.

Execute Marketing with Digital Intelligence


This engagement is focused around developing marketing strategy, brand positioning, marketing collaterals, marketing outreach, messaging, public relations, etc. The key is to align marketing with business strategy, sales and product positioning and to develop an operational plan to execute against the marketing strategy. This is typically a 3-4 months engagement followed by on-going operational and executional support if needed.

"Hire Character, develop skills."


This engagement focuses around the organizational construct and key skill mixes to ensure that the organization is well positioned to deliver against the business plan and achieve overall business strategy and objectives. We will review and refine reporting relationships, job descriptions, compensation structure, performance metrics, culture and values.

Dashboarding for Command & Control


This engagement is focused on developing a key set of performance metrics (KPIs) for the business and key parts of the organization and building a custom Dash Board that can be accessed by key executives on a regular basis to keep pulse on business performance and to fine tune executional activities. This is typically a 2-3 month project.

Dashboarding for Command & Control


This engagement is focused on developing a key set of performance metrics (KPIs) for the business and key parts of the organization and building a custom Dash Board that can be accessed by key executives on a regular basis to keep pulse on business performance and to fine tune executional activities. This is typically a 2-3 month project.

Planning for Optimized Execution


Nantuit Strategy Briefing is a one-day engagement preceded by a conference call, to level set the business requirements to be accomplished, examining your current IT environment and business objectives. Then it moves into the Center of Excellence in the Cloud, where you’ll see the latest Nantuit solutions in action, through powerful demos and scenarios customized to meet your needs. The day includes mutual discovery, tailored to product, technology or solution drill-downs, and expert presentations. It culminates with the delivery of a clear and actionable picture of how Nantuit and partner technologies can help you reach your business goals.

Plan and validate the target Architecture


Nantuit Architecture Design Session is one to three days custom session focusing on your business objectives and aligns them with specific applications of Nantuit and/or Partner solutions to help you to meet your strategic goals and optimize deployment execution. We’ll provide architectural guidance, consultation based on Industry best practices, and risk analysis to chief technology officers, architects, and senior members of your development team.

What you see is what you get.


In this multi week, in-depth workshop, Nantuit Architects work closely with key members of the client’s technical staff to transfer knowledge and prove out customized solutions. This workshop may also include detailed demos and training sessions. Your team will have a private, secure, and fully loaded development suite that’s preconfigured prior to their arrival.

Current operational state evaluation


There are several types of Assessment service offering. An example of this is the Office 365 Migration Assessment Service. This service aims to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your current environment in preparation for a smooth Office 365 migration. The engagement includes a mandatory assessment for infrastructure and optional Office 365 components for Exchange, SharePoint and Lync as appropriate. This will help to reduce your exposure to costly mistakes and delays that can impact end-user experience with Microsoft Online Services.

Jumpstarting Pilot in Production


There are several Jump Start Service offerings. An example of this is the Desktop Migration Jump Start. This session allows the clients to walk through the process of creating a technical proof of concept to help you see how Windows 7/8 and Office 2010/2013 — as part of the Microsoft Optimized Desktop—will work in your environment. The Microsoft Optimized Desktop comprises Windows 7/8, Office 2010/2013, Internet Explorer 9/10/11, and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

Deployment Planning Services


Nantuit Deployment Planning Services are on-site expertise to help customers plan their enterprise solution deployment. Nantuit DPS Consultants help customers evaluate how best to deploy solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. An example of this is the Lync Deployment Planning Services. Customers interested in a specific deployment planning service would be presented with a Statement of Work. Usually, an Assessment is required to generate a Statement of Work.

Optimized Deployment Execution


This is a custom service offering that is targeted for a specific solution. For example, a customer interested in deploying Office 365 for 2500 users in 3 locations, in the US, would be presented with a custom proposal detailing the project that would include a proposal and the respective Statement of Work based on the contract the client signs off.

ROI Based Customer Service Excellency


Nantuit Help Desk Managed Services provides organization a pay as you go model for help desk support services, around deployments, such as, Windows 7 deployments, or Office 2013 upgrade, Office 365 deployments, etc.

Next Generation Agile Call Center


Nantuit Managed Call Center Services provides organization a subscription based model for call center services, around your marketing initiatives, catalog sales, customer services, etc.